Classes with Michelle

and Private Tuition

Currently offering regular weekly classes on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.  Please message below for current schedule.

Now Offering Private Tuition

Why spend more on Private, one on one sessions?

Simply because they get results and are designed to specifically meet your needs to balance your life and wellness holistically.

What’s included in your Private Session:

  • Each Private 60 minute session begins with a brief intake to align the intention behind the lesson to your specific needs
  • Based on your needs and goals, we map out a yoga sequence designed just for you that becomes your personal practice
  • We go over each individual part of the sequence to to align and refine including posture and transition techniques, breath work, meditation, ect…
  • There’s time for questions and discussion on your experience of our work together
  • You are led through a guided relaxation and Shiatsu enhanced Savasana
  • You leave with details on your yoga practice including the sequence and any additonal details to consider
  • In subsequent sessions, we continue to develop this personal practice and extend the program as your needs evolve

Location:  Private sessions can be at your home or at Michelle’s home studio on the Sunshine Coast

How to find out if Private Yoga Sessions are right for you?

Get in touch with us and you recieve a free consultation to discuss your needs.  Either give Michelle a call now, or fill out the form below with a good time to ring you back and Michelle will get back to you soon!

What does the Private Yoga Program Look like?

After our consultation, we decide together what the right amount of frequency will be for your desired results based on once or twice per week sessions.   A One Month commitment is required to start the program.  Pricing varies based on frequency and duration.  Please get in touch to find out more.

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To Enquire About Classes and Private Tuition, Please Email:

or Call 0402 941 321