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The Navajo Native American Tribe in the US has a beautiful tradition of waking each morning before sunrise and traveling to the most Easterly point to see the sunrise.  This is considered a Sacred Ritual that even young children are brought up doing from birth and throughout adulthood as a reminder that

each day when the sun rises, is a brand new start and we must meet the day with fresh eyes open to possibilities.

I’m sharing this because I’ve recently been in a rut, feeling frankly, very frustrated with where my life is at.  I find myself at the age of 40 in a place where I’m longing to be someplace else and starting to wonder how to move forward in order to change the things I want to change.


Upon deeper reflection, and remembering this Navajo tradition that reminds us that every day is a new day and not to carry the past with you into the present, I’m realising all the “shoulds”, all the “I wish this was different” is just me putting lots of pressure on myself to fit in and meet the criteria of what I think my life should look like.  Upon realising that I really don’t need to put so much pressure on myself, and that in fact, my life is a gift, I’m feeling lighter, more present and more able to love again, now that I’ve gotten back to loving myself.
You may even notice a shift in my teachings, offerings and content that reflect my recent insights and desire to just be me, coming from a very real, raw and softer place.
I think, many of us go through something like this.  We long for deeper connections and love, but we are looking for that through material things, or status.  We forget who we really are and that we are already, ENOUGH.
Moving forward, I’m planning to offer courses and teachings from my heart and content that I think serves people on a deeper level than the surface layer.  I hope you can join me.