Into The Heart Women’s Retreat

Oct 6th to Oct 9th 2023

Sunshine Coast Aus

Find your inner calm on this journey deep into the divine feminine

“Be still like a mountain, but flow like a great river.” Lau Tzu


Immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature, wellbeing and the truth of who you are.  Through intuitive movement and mindful yoga, embodied meditation, creative empowerment, sound therapy, dance, and other ancient tools of self-realisation, the opportunity is awaiting you to reclaim and remember the gifts of being- your beauty, your joy, your creativity, your voice, your expression, as doorways into truth, healing and personal meaning.

About Michelle

Michelle offers a safe space for each student to explore deeper aspects of themselves through the tools of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and connection. Her retreats are intimate, renewing and offer the opportunity to go deeper into your own yoga practice of the 8 limbs of yoga including yoga philosophy that helps you to bring your yoga off the mat as well as refine your yoga on the mat.   Her mission is to guide each person back towards their own light that’s already within them.  She believes in the power of the human spirit to continually renew itself  no matter how winding or bumpy the journey has been.


Join us for a transformational retreat of self discovery, rest and renewal.  This 4 day, 3 night retreat will nurture you both in body and mind to embark on an enriching journey into a deeper connection to yourself and your feminine nature.  If you are ready for a little reboot for your health and wellbeing, then this retreat is for you!

The essence of this portal back to self lies in the healing and transformation that comes from finding the pause of life’s demands to have time to reflect and nurture who you truely are.  To see your body as a powerful ally of healing and sensory awareness, to immerse in the art of awakening and becoming alive inside.
Each day on retreat is specifically curated to offer you rich experiences, personal insight and take home techniques, as we open to embodiment and unfold numbness, infusing who we really are into every moment.
Expect to reconnect with nature and a slower pace that helps you to find a new rhythm, fostering health and healing.  Experience walking barefoot in the forest, a soundbath under a canopy of trees, and experience the quiet of mother nature on a very exclusive, 25 acre property.
Embody a newfound joy and appreciation for your body, and deepen your connection to how you care for yourself through movement, breath awareness, healthy eating and mindfulness tools.  Reconnect with your softer feminine side as we journey through the goddess within.  Each day, exploring and embodying a goddess from Eastern mythology and looking at ways we can be more authentically ourselves whilst inviting in those qualities that support our journey, qualities like courage, compassion and love.
This retreat is for you if…

~ You are ready to immerse yourself in an experience of self reflection and waking up to the inherent power within you

~ You are prepared to connect with you body in a deep and loving way to foster healing on a cellular level

~ You are willing to step just outside of your comfort zone, to facilitate growth

~ You are looking for a program that helps to elevate your vibration in all areas of your life

~ You are unafraid to just be you and to rediscover who that is 



Learn the skills to be a happier, more empowered version of you, without having to change what’s going on around you.

There are no real words to express our love and gratitude for what you created for all of us. The whole retreat was so much more than I could ever have imagined. Wow. I wish in my heart everyone I know could experience the same. Every single thing that we encountered and experienced made this something truly an out of my normal body experience. Something I’ve never had. I feel like I was living at 60% happiness (which I feel was ‘happy’) but I’ve since learnt I could live my life ten fold if I work on this stuff. Wow. Deeply deeply grateful Michelle. You were born to do this. You’re special and strong and powerful and creative and knowledgeable and giving and so many more things. You picked incredible people to build the weekend and we will never forget this experience. Life changing. Life long. Thank you.


I have been on 6 yoga retreats with Michelle Freeman and each has been unique and amazing! Michelle is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and her passion for yoga is evident in her teaching. I highly recommend her as a teacher and I always take away some new information or self discovery from each retreat I attend.


Watch this video to get a sense of what you can experience on retreats with me


~ Private or Share luxury accommodation at a beautiful private estate on the Sunshine Coast

~ Delicious Plant Based and Gluten Free meals

~ Mindful Yoga and gentle intuitive movement practices daily.  You’ll leave this retreat feeling so much more open and confident in moving in your body.

~ Workshops on the deeper aspects of embodiment of the divine feminine

~ Fire and Cacao Circles

~ Soundhealing Immersions

~ Journaling and self enquiry

~ Breathwork Journey 

~ Embodied Meditations

~Art Therapy and Self Expression Workshop



Sunshine Coast Aus