Winter Retreat

July 14th to 17th 2022

Sunshine Coast Aus

Find your inner calm on this journey deep into the self

“Be still like a mountain, but flow like a great river.” Lau Tzu

Upon arrival in this tropical hinterland paradise, immerse your senses in the sounds and feels of nature, a gentle breeze caressing the trees, the symphony of native birds and a stunning villa to call home for 4 days.  Our venue, located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, won’t disappoint with it’s luxury Bali feel and spacious surrounds.

About Michelle

Michelle offers a safe space for each student to explore deeper aspects of themselves through the tools of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and connection. Her retreats are intimate, renewing and offer the opportunity to go deeper into your own yoga practice of the 8 limbs of yoga including yoga philosophy that helps you to bring your yoga off the mat as well as refine your yoga on the mat.   Her mission is to guide each person back towards their own light that’s already within them.  She believes in the power of the human spirit to continually renew itself  no matter how winding or bumpy the journey has been.


This 4 day, 3 night retreat will nurture you both in body and mind to embark on an enriching journey into a deeper connection to yourself.  If you are ready for a little reboot for your health and wellbeing, then this retreat is for you!

Join Michelle and put a gentle pause on life’s demands and dive deep into yoga, soundhealing, writing, meditation, breathwork, and mantra.  The moments in silence in the early mornings, offer the opportunity to go deep within, and to sensitize yourself to the present moment, however, it’s through connection and community where often the most healing occurs and this is what our days are filled with.   From sharing delicious plant based meals, workshops on fine tuning your yoga practice to feel more grounded and free, a luscious massage treatment to nurture yourself, sound healing and much more, you will leave feeling a dramatic shift from the ordinary things in life becoming extraordinary things by how we percieve our reality and what we choose to do with it.

Our yoga practices are guided and informative flows that are designed to move the field of prana, or energy, for it to flow more freely in your body.  Experience yourself through the lens of yoga and embodiment, an ancient tradition that’s intention is to help you to connect with your own inner grace and authenticity.  Senior teacher, Michelle Freeman, will guide you through empowering flows and nurturing yin yoga classes that will leave you feeling revitalized and connected.    Our evening practices are Yin and Restorative style or  breathwork and mantra sessions that foster stillness and softening.   Beginners are welcome at all yoga sessions and Michelle works with each student individually to guide them towards a practice that suits them best.

Our Sound Healing and breathwork sessions take you that much deeper into the bliss that is always available to you.   Each session is designed to take you on a journey into the heart through the subtle vibrations and soundscapes.


This retreat is for you if…

~ You are ready to immerse yourself in an experience of self reflection and waking up to the inherent power within you

~ You are prepared to connect with you body in a deep and loving way to foster healing on a cellular level

~ You are willing to step just outside of your comfort zone, to facilitate growth

~ You are looking for a program that helps to elevate your vibration in all areas of your life

~ You are unafraid to just be you and to rediscover who that is 



Learn the skills to be a happier, more empowered version of you, without having to chang what’s going on around you.

It was an amazing experience, enjoyed every thing about it and learned so much.


I have been on 6 yoga retreats with Michelle Freeman and each has been unique and amazing! Michelle is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and her passion for yoga is evident in her teaching. I highly recommend her as a teacher and I always take away some new information or self discovery from each retreat I attend.


Watch this video to get a sense of what the retreats are all about


~ Private or Share luxury accommodation at a beautiful estate on the Sunshine Coast
~ Delicious Plant Based and Gluten Free meals
~ Yoga twice daily, dynamic and grounding flows in the Am and Yin/restorative in the evenings.  You’ll leave this retreat feeling so much more open and confident in moving in your body.
~ Workshops on refining your yoga practice and yoga philosophy
~ Guided journaling
~ Soundhealing Experience
~ Daily Meditation and breathwork
~ Silent periods and self reflection



~ Therapeutic Kahuna massage

~ A signature journal for your reflections throughout the retreat




Community and connection everyday


Aquila Retreat




One of just a few private rooms available


Outdoor lounge


Every room has luxury bedding 


Pool and Spa


Share rooms that are spacious and comfortable


Our Dining Area


Workshops that transform


Soundhealing Vibes


You’ll feel right at home


There are a number of options for accommodation in this retreat.  If you are happy to share, you can either invite your friends along, or we can sometimes pair you with someone suitable.  If you are looking for a private option, or coming as a couple, we have you covered.  All rooms, include luxury towels and linens.  We do our best to ensure you are super comfortable where ever you stay.



Up front payments start at $1977

Payment Plans available upon request

 Only two spots remain


Sunshine Coast Aus