Join us on a Journey of Empowerment and Reconnection with Yourself.

Are you ready to explore a life of greater health, joy and freedom?   Join Michelle and Cristian for an exploration into the spritiual side of Bali and wellbeing.

During this 6 day retreat let yourself be nurtured in body, mind and spirit as you embark on a journey of empowerment and a deeper connection with yourself.

If you feel it’s time to stop and give yourself the gift to reboot your health and wellbeing, then this retreat is for you!


Each day we will explore a particular topic to guide you towards greater inner awareness, self discovery and empowerment. We will learn techniques to help you relax, reconnect with yourself, let go of stress and bring the inspiration and flow required to reshape our destiny.

We will do this through:

  • Yoga
  • Guided Meditations
  • Breathwork Journeys
  • Ice Baths
  • Cacao & Fire Ceremonies
  • Mindset & Mindfulness Workshops
  • Sound Healing and live music experiences
  • Energy Healing
  • Hiking and more…

From sharing delicious healthy plant based meals, receiving traditional Balinese massages, participating in wellbeing workshops, cultural activities and adventures in nature, you will be left looking at life with a completely new set of eyes.

Our yoga and meditation practices help to guide you back to yourself gently through mindful, moment to moment awareness. Experience yourself through the lens of yoga and feel what it’s like to connect with something higher than yourself.

 Our Sound Healing and Breathwork journeys will be gentle and heart centred with music led by professional musician Chris Lane.   With a blend of Bansuri flute, acoustic guitar and deep mantra vocals, Chris’s music will take you on a tranquil journey that will offer another layer of bliss during our yoga and breathwork experiences.    Each session is designed to connect you to your heart through subtle breath, vibrations and sound.

“There are no real words to xpress our love and gratitude for what you created for all of us.  The whole retreat was so much more than I could ever have imagined.  Wow, I wish in my heart that everyone I know could experience the same.

Bree Peter| Guest at past retreat in July 2022

Check out this video about our Bali Retreat


Our private villa is located in Uluwatu, the Southern most part of Bali. The villa has several boutique bungalows, with both private and share options available.  Our meals are prepared by a private chef who designed a healthy plant based menu mostly sugar and gluten free. Shared and limited private rooms are available, each bungalow sleeps max 4 people.  Bring a friend or a few along, and you can have a bungalow to yourselves.

Other inclusions:

  • 6 days/5 nights private or share accommodation in a private Balinese villa
  • Healthy chef prepared plant based meals during the retreat
  • Sound healing, cacao ceremonies and breathwork journeys
  • Daily yoga and meditation practices: from gentle flows to more dynamic breath focused practices.
  • Ice Bath experience
  • Workshops and discussions on mindfulness, mindset and manifestation
  • Intuitive Dance
  • Cultural Activities, temple excursions and adventures in nature
  • Traditional Balinese massage


To book your place, send through a non-refundable $500 deposit to the link below.  Click Here to read about our terms and conditions.

Getting There

Flight to Denpassar Indonesia

Take airport transfer to our villa located in Bingin Beach (the Southern most area of Bali and local surfing beach, about 70 minutes from the airport).

Travel Considerations:

Travel insurance is required for your own protection and safety.

Make sure you read our terms and conditions and refund policy above. 

“Breathwork is not just a practice to release trauma or balance our nervous system to let go of stress and anxiety. Breathwork is also a practice that can allow us to unlock our inner power and access higher levels of consciousness and connection with the quantum realm of possibilities where manifestation is possible.”  Cristian Trujillo

“Our intention is to take you to a magical place where you can completely recharge, reconnect with yourself and feel empowered.  Once you arrive at our destination, your worries will drop away, and you will be immersed in an experience like no other.”  Michelle and Cristian

About the Facilitators

Michelle Freeman

Michelle has been teaching yoga, meditation and healing for over 13 years and is the owner of the Nambour Yoga Centre. Her teaching is compassionate and knowledgeable, with an experiential understanding of the body after practicing yoga for over 20 years and having studied and practiced Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork. . She is currently studying Yoga Therapy to deepen this understanding of the body and biomechanics from a therapeutic side and makes regular trips to India to study yoga philosophy with her teacher.  Michelle teaches from a place of honouring each person who steps on their mat as they are, and gently guiding them into the vulnerable, joyous and sometimes confronting realms of yoga. She believes in sharing yoga as a sound physical and embodied practice with deep spiritual resonance that can help people in their darkest times, using yoga as a tool for healing and powerful transformation.

Cristian Trujillo

Cristian is a mindfulness coach and business mentor, he was born in Chile and moved to Australia 15 years ago. Over the years he has walked many paths that allowed him to accumulate a wide variety of experience.
In his work as a facilitator he brings together his experience as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Breathwork facilitator and Certified Coach. He also incorporates 15 years of intensive personal development practices from a variety of schools and teachers in Australia and overseas. Bringing together the principles he has practised as an Engineer, Videographer, Entrepreneur, Lecturer and Business Mentor.
in 2022 Cristian moved to the Sunshine Coast launching Yandina Yoga and Breathwork, where he shares the practices of Yoga and Breathwork with people who would like to get started in these practices.

Chris Lane 

Renowned musician for over 20 years, Chris started his musical journey playing and touring with bands such as Oka and Xavier Rudd.  Over the years, he has evolved his musical path to more of a devotional one including mantras, acoustic guitar and bansuri flute, a traditional Indian instrument.  Chris’s music is tuned to a special pitch that’s in harmony with our bodies natural vibrations, taking listeners on a musical journey deeper into themselves.  His music will leave you feeling relaxed and connected to your inner Zen.


Sunshine Coast AUS