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I invite you back home to yourself. My teachings span 25 years of commited yoga, meditation and breathwork practice and study of the physical, the energetic and the spiritual.  My deep wish is for you to feel at home in your body and I teach classes from this place of compassion, heart and courage to move through any challenge together.


I’m currently studying exercise physiology and bring this knowledge into my classes with an understanding of how to nurture and create positive change in the body.  This nuts and bolts approach is coupled with a wholistic approach of nurtuing the heart and focusing the mind.   It’s through these avenues, mind, body and heart that lasting change results.

"Yoga is an Inside Job."

I believe healing starts from inside. Happiness also has to come from inside of us rather than trying to extract it from outside circumstances, material things, or relationships. All of our ideal boxes being ticked in order for us to have a “good” day, does not equate to living a peaceful and joyful life.

What I share, is finding a personal practice that creates optimum health, a vibrant version of you that gives you the tools to release from stress, be stronger, more open hearted and free. I offer Public Classes, Private Lessons, Retreats, Workshops and a Mentorship Program for current teachers looking to refine their offerings.

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