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Commited to helping you on your path to more joy, more appreciation, more self love.

About Michelle

I’m a passionate Yogi and Yoga Teacher offering classes, workshops, private coaching and retreats in Australia and abroad.  My mission is to share the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation to help you find more calm in your mind, connection to your heart and ease in your body.

Primarily, I teach Ashtanga Yoga, a powerful practice that that uses breath awareness, intentional gazing points that help to calm the mind, and specific poses that strengthen the body and develop greater flexibility.

No matter where you are starting from, there’s a perfect practice just for you and my work is to help you find that.


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What my Clients Say…


“I am so lucky and grateful to have Michelle as my first and foremost yoga teacher.  

I do not only learn yoga from her, but I am continuously inspired by her kind, strong and curious personality.  In each practice, I feel a new window opens at the dark corner of my mind and body.  She coaches her students with patience and graceful consideration of their limits.  Although, she is already a master, she never stops learning and improving . ”  

Homa Askari


“As a teacher, Michelle knows how to use her detailed knowledge of yoga to individualize her student’s practice.  Her observant and gentle personality,  helps her to find the right advice for each student to move into an unknown limit
of body and mind safely and smoothly.  As a person, she is a descent human being, passionate about becoming even better.”

Nima Nemati


“There are a few people in life who really inspire you to be the best version of yourself and Michelle Freeman is most definitely one of those.
If you have the opportunity to be guided by Michelle in either a class, workshop or even a retreat environment, don’t hesitate and jump in, and join her on this amazing journey through Yoga, Life and Practice.  Thank you so much Michelle.
I’ve loved every part of the ride!! And look forward to experiencing many more!! ”

Sharon Pyle


“We too have been non stop talking about our truly life changing experience. There are no real words to express our love and gratitude for what you created for all of us. The whole retreat was so much more than I could ever have imagined. Wow. I wish in my heart everyone I know could experience the same. Every single thing that we encountered and experienced made this something truly an out of my normal body experience. “Something I’ve never had. I feel like I was living at 60% happiness (which I feel was ‘happy’) but I’ve since learnt I could live my life ten fold if I work on this stuff. Wow. Deeply deeply grateful Michelle. You were born to do this. You’re special and strong and powerful and creative and knowledgeable and giving and so many more things. You picked incredible people to build the weekend and we will never forget this experience. Life changing. Life long. Thank you.”
Bree Peter


“I have been thinking a lot about the retreat. This is my 7th one! You have a way of weaving your magic Michelle. I feel like an onion where I am peeled a layer at a time after each retreat. Thank you for providing this space & holding space for us all. You always create an amazing experience. ”
Kim Green

Bali Wellness Retreat

Bali 2024

Connecting to your highest vibration ~ Yoga ~ Meditation ~ Well being

Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodhah

 Yoga is a practice that teaches us to quiet the fluctuations of mind

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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Teaching locally in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Australia

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